10 Budget Eco-Friendly Home Decoration Ideas

Decorating your home can be a daunting task for all of us most of the time. Practically, speaking it is not at all easy to decorate up your house if you are low on budget. In such a case, one needs to have proper planning to light up their house by using some eco-friendly ideas and DIY tips that are on a budget. Without proper planning, one may not complete this challenging task. Carefully list all the things on a paper and note down what all things you require and what cost do they involve.

Doing this will help you to know what you have to buy and what amount you are left with. If someone who is looking for a complete renovation of his house and does not have sufficient funds in his hands, in that case, one may consider opting for a home improvement loan to achieve this from your favorite lender or NBFC. This article will give you an idea to decorate your home on a budget.

1. Decorating Your Guest Room With Rugs :

This is one of the best ideas to add excitement to your little guest room by placing a classy rug at empty places. Placing a rug under the center table or the floor beside your sofa. Doing this will complete a room by tying all the different pieces together visually. But make sure you chose a rug that complements with the decor of your modern guest room so that it matches with the color of your room and help enhance your room than before it was.

2. Use natural ingredients for an attractive centrepiece:

If you want to add a bit of excitement to your flat and boring room, then you may place some natural ingredients like colourful artificial fruits or the real ones in a beautiful vase or align them in a modern horizontal platter. And add these fruits with some transparent or colourful marble or pebbles to make them more attractive.

3. Bring nature inside your living room :

If you are looking to decorate your home in a low budget, then putting nature into your house would be one of the best ideas. Enhance your house by placing creepers and hanging plants by placing them in a pot or you may also plant your creeper inside the transparent glass jar filled with soil and put it onto the center table and water it every day. This is one of the amicable home financial plan to renovate your complete home on a budget that does not only adds up excitement to your house but also brings positive vibes at your place thereby keeping you healthier and happy.

4. Use empty wine bottles for lighting :

Using some empty wine bottles is one of the creative home decor ideas that uses a low budget. You can use these empty wine bottles to make accent light that is a gorgeous addition to any room. Not only they are affordable but also they are a totally unique and personal way to decorate your home. One may add these accent lights in your guest room or your living room to create an eye-catching view for yourself as well as for those who are visiting your house.

5. Use Tinted Dyed Jars :

Tinting glass dyed jars are also one of the great addition to decorate your house. You may use any type of tinted jar to beautify your room after dying it with a color of your choice. This is really one of the DIY ideas to brilliantly decorate your house if you are running low of a budget. One also use these dyed jars either in their kitchen or any room of your house to create a vintage look.

6. Use Lace Jar Candles :

You may create a beautiful lacy lantern with jars and using some colourful or white lace. Making a lace jar candle is very easy and affordable to assist you in your home decoration. You may use these lace jar candles to decorate the dining table of your room or any other room you want to decorate that requires some addition of these little candles. This is one of the great recycling idea to decorate your place giving your house a vintage look.

7. Window Wall Décor :

You may also decorate a window wall to create a gorgeous display for the wall in your guest room or living room. For this, you need to paint the window with the color of your choice or you may also add pictures of your family to create a sweet memory forever. You may recreate your entire room by using your unique idea and imagination on your wall that offers the vintage look to your house.

8 Place Reused Paper Torans :

Paper torans that are also known as bandhanwars or buntings are also a perfect option to decorate your house. Usually, these are placed on the entrance of your house. These are created using mango leaves and flowers and other recyclable materials to make colourful torans.

9. Decorative Glass Bottles :

Glass bottles are one of the eco-friendly and recycled options to consider for while you plan to decorate your house without spending a single penny. You may use empty glass bottles lying in your storeroom and place them in the center of your house by decorating them. One may recycle them also and are a perfect fit for your home decor. Add some pebbles or string lights to an empty glass bottle makes it a great decoration piece that enhances the beauty of your home.

10. Paint the wall of your room with a bold colour of your choice :

Paint is one of those decorating tools that remains on the top of a list when you are planning to decorate your home. You may paint the wall of your living room or guest room to complement the furniture and home decor accessories in your room.

When looking to decorate your house on a budget, one may consider these options to enhance their living space or one may also take a top up loan on their existing loan to meet their financial requirement.

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