6 Bathroom Design Ideas with Marble Stone Slabs

Humans have been fascinated by the exceptional beauty of marble since ages. If you want to incorporate this splendid and opulent natural stone in your home, the bathroom can be an ideal place to flaunt its magnificence. Marble stone brings a touch of luxury to any kind of home design.  Owing to its great versatility, marble stone slabs can be honed, tumbled, flamed, polished, and given many more new looks, which is why it was, has, and will remain a prime choice for many homeowners and interior decorator.

You can simply never go wrong by using the elegant and classic marble in your bathroom. It can create a beautiful, clean, and peaceful ambiance in your shower space. Stunning marble bathroom countertops, marble pillars, marble wall accents, and many others are the ways to incorporate this natural stone in your home design.

Interior Design Ideas for Bathroom with Marble Stone Slabs :

1. Marble Bathroom Accent :

Marble stone slabs can be used as an accent to your shower space and bathtubs. Using white marble slab or tile as tub surround looks elegant and stylish. The look of your bathroom can be accentuated by adding a super stylish marble step that goes up to a freestanding bathtub.

Added to these, making use of a matching marble to line the walls behind the bathtub and the walls of the shower can create luxurious accent walls. This will help create a unique and timeless bathroom that you will fall in love with again and again.

2. Marble Bathroom Countertop :

Choosing the right material for your bathroom countertop is vital as they provide a functional surface, as well as transform the look of your washroom. One of the most popular choices of countertops is marble bathroom countertops.  Due to its versatile look, a marble bathroom countertop complements any décor theme. Carrara white marble, an affordable natural stone, can be used to make countertops, that adds a certain elegance to your washroom.

Carrara marble bathroom countertops come with subtle or thick flowing veins on the surface which are stunning, which makes it easily recognizable.  Marble bathroom countertops are durable enough and are heat resistant too. So, you can keep your hair styling equipment on your marble countertop without the fear of damaging it. But, make sure to maintain your marble bathroom countertop with regular cleaning and sealing to increase their longevity and keep the stone in their finest condition.

3. Marble Bathroom Floor :

Opting for a marble floor in a bathroom can add a touch of sophistication in the décor. This timeless beauty of the natural stone slab creates a striking visual effect and complements other elements in the bathroom seamlessly. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, you can match the marble floor of your bathroom with the marble bathroom walls to create symmetry in the space. There is uniqueness in design in two separate marble slabs, that ensures your bathroom flooring will be as distinct as it is beautiful.

This eye-catching appearance of this natural stone makes it extremely demanding to the homeowners. The versatility in colors and patterns found in a marble stone will certainly enable you to find the right style according to your personal taste. Marble develops an attractive patina as it ages, and this shiny surface leaves a long-lasting impression on the viewer.

Moreover, marble flooring requires low maintenance in comparison to other materials. With daily cleaning, it can retain its stunning appearance for many years. Proper restorative maintenance and sealing are necessary to maintain its durability. Installing marble flooring in your bathroom is an ideal way to enhance the appeal and value of your home.

4. Marble Bathroom Backsplash :

Nothing can beat marble when it comes to choosing the backsplash material in your bathroom. A wide variety of patterns and colors make marble a perfect material for the bathroom backsplash. You can even consider blending the stonework at the countertop with the backsplash creating harmony in your bathroom design.

5. Marble Bathroom Wall :

Given that walls cover the maximum visual area in a room, using marble for bathroom walls is an excellent way to create a classy shower area. Marble walls exude an aura of calm and peace, changing the whole ambiance of your bathing area. Incorporate marble walls to make a dull-looking bathing area lively. Marble bathroom walls can be warm or cool depending on the color you select. You can use Olive Marin or Mystic Brown, or Tea Rose varieties of marble stone to bring out a warm color palette, and Royal Beige or Mountain White to display a relatively cooler tone.

6. Marble Tub :

Adding a stunning bathtub can heighten the décor of your elegant bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs are one of the most sought after elements in today’s washrooms. In case you own a tub and shower combined together, using marble surround on the front side of the tub can take the entire décor of your bathroom to the next level.

Concluding Note

With a varied range of designs and colors, marble is an apt stone to adorn your bathroom interior. Incorporating this natural stone as marble bathroom countertops, flooring, backsplash, and in any other way can never fail to please you or your guests. These marble bathroom designs will certainly enhance the visual appeal of the room as well as the overall house.

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