7 Amazing Tips On How To Make Your Home Burglar Proof

Do you find yourself awake at night in the fear of burglary? According to the statistics of 2018, a burglary occurs every twenty-first second which means around the world a burglary case happens at least twice in one minute. So, how can you say it won’t happen to your house?

Here, we have 7 securest tips for making your home burglar proof. You can reduce the risk of this crime to its minimum by trying these:

1. Illuminated premises :

The easiest way to drive away the burglars is to keep the boundaries of your house well-lighted. These bad guys hate one thing and that is it to be in the spotlight. Use LED bright lights on the front main door as well as the back door in order to keep the burglars at bay.

Not only on the main entrances but also outside garage, because sometimes the burglars use the most unusual way to break in. Keeping your landscape illuminated could also help you to avoid tripping at your own doorstep at night. Thus, having sufficient light in the radius of your house is a must.

2. Reliable security alarm :

A report by University of North Carolina suggested that more than 60% of the burglars tend to avoid taking a chance on houses in which security alarms are installed. In some cases, the burglars tried to break into a house even though the security alarms were active. They tried to do so because they were unaware of security alarm system in the house.

Why? Because there were no potential alert signs outside the house informing them about the security.

You need to make sure that this doesn’t happen at your house by properly putting up several signs and labels outside every corner of your home. This will clearly indicate the safety measurement fitted and scare the robbers away.   

3. Be alert :

Most of the burglary incidents are pre-planned, meaning that burglars living nearby keep an eye on the routine that you follow every week. They observe possible targets and are waiting for an opportunity to capitalize on. Hence, to prevent your home from being the target, keep an eye out for the strange faces.

Try to leave someone behind if you feel the danger lurking nearby your house. Also, try to bring little variation in your routine that makes it hard for the burglars to track it down.

Here’s the interesting thing; Your name written on your mailbox can be useful to burglar. How? some clever burglars search for your phone number on google and guess what? They might call at your landline number to reassure that you are not home.

In other words, don’t leave any trace that you are going to leave your home deserted for a long time. Burglars feed on this kind of opportunity as 65% of the burglary incidents happen when there is nobody at home.

4. Install Security Cameras :

Advancement in the technology such as CCTV cameras has caused the burglary rate to drop down to a remarkable rate. You can install security cameras at different angles outside your front door step to get benefit from this protective technology. It will greatly reduce the risk of getting robbed. All in all, it will also help identify the burglars responsible for the incident in case they manage to run away.

Security cameras have proven to be one of the most reliable sources for the police department in burglary cases.

A few things to keep in mind while buying a security camera: 

  • Camera should have a motion detecting feature
  • Should have an option of night vision to ensure safety during the dark hours
  • Can be connected with Wi-Fi such that it is accessible from your smartphone

5. Keep your valuables protected :

We often like to keep our valuable possessions close to us. While it could be a temporary satisfaction, but mostly it becomes a reason for physical injury or damage. Similarly, if you want to keep the valuables close to you, buy a safe that serves as a protected depository to keep belongings like expensive jewelry or official documents in it.

While choosing the right locker for your expensive items make sure that the locker:

  • Has a dual locking system to make it safer
  • Is small enough to be hidden easily back in the closet
  • Has a code for emergency back-up in case you want to alert the police about a potential robbery

Note: Always secure the firearm in the safe because 5/6 burglars are keen on getting their hands on the firearms which could turn the burglary incident into a life losing tragedy.

6. Switch to Smart Home :

We see big celebrities with their fancy houses, controlling everything from the palm of their hands via smartphones. That’s not the complete story as the smart houses not only look appealing but are ten times safer than a regular house and real estate dealers are betting on it.

Think about it like this, you can operate almost everything with a remote from your lights to your door locks. This change can take the safety of your house to the next level. To put into your knowledge, some of the best features of a smart home are:

  • Setting a time frame for your home lights to turn on and off while you are away for vacations or on a business trip. So, that it appears as if the house is not empty.
  • Getting a live video alert if a person is approaching your door via satellite.
  • Window sensors, door sensors and to be able to talk through the smart doorbell.

7. Trim down clump of shrubs :

The simplest way for a burglar is to hide in the trees or shrubs in your backyard and break in the moment he gets the chance to. By this way, you are not only making the overall look of the house untidy but handing the burglar his getaway card.

Here’s how you can reduce the risk of burglary

  • Trim down the trees and plants that can prove to be helpful for the robber
  • Put on the metal fence around your house if you don’t already have one
  • Plant shrubs with thorns to completely eliminate burglar’s chances of hiding

Remember, that burglary deprives you not only economically but also your peace of mind. Don’t let this be you! Now it’s your turn to use modern-day technology and the above-mentioned tips to ensure the safety of your home.

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