Embrace the New Trend with a Stunning White Versatile Kitchen in Your Home

Around one decade ago, if you were buying cabinetry for your rented property, you used to get the thermofoil white finish in cabinets that would look tacky but was durable. Fast forward to 2019. If you take a round to the famous stores for cabinets in your city, then you will be surprised to see the range of white cabinets that they are offering in their standard as well as exclusive collections. Yes, white cabinets have made a dramatic come back in the interior décor scene a few years back and by the look of it, we can safely say that this trend is here to stay.

There are numerous kitchen fads that come and go. But the appeal of a white pristine looking kitchen in an American household is deep-rooted. All you have to do is deck the place up with beautiful details and team the white charm with the perfect accessories. How? Read on the following points and get inspired.

Explore Many Shades

White is not a static color anymore. Thanks to all the designer for white kitchen cabinets all around the world, we get to see many different shades of the color. Now, when you are designing your kitchen yourself or hiring a designer for it, don’t forget to explore different shades of white. If you are looking for a cozy country appeal, then go for a white shaker style. For a modern upbeat kitchen, polar or mystic white cabinetry will be the best option. For a traditional or a vintage looking kitchen, go for antique.

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Accent and Texture

Now, this part of your kitchen décor is pretty tricky. Why? When you are choosing white cabinetry, there is always a chance of the whole kitchen look monotonous. But if you are thinking of breaking this monotony, you can add texture and accent to the kitchen. For texture, think of having a textured hardwood floor which will create a stunning visual appeal in your kitchen. If the flooring is of stone, then go for the wooden texture in kitchen furniture or lamp. For adding accent, let the backsplash color pop. Choose ocean blue or soothing green for it so that it will effectively break the monotony without disturbing the design.

Let there be Light

A white kitchen is all about brightness and cheerful appeal. If you are aiming to make your kitchen look really bright and cheerful and warm, let natural light flood in the kitchen. If there is a window in the kitchen, never think of blocking it. Add clear glass or blinds and let the natural light pour in the space driving away all the gloominess.

Bold Hardware

Now, let’s be a bit bold with the accessories, shall we? To make it perfect, you can add golden, bronze or brass hardware. Steer clear of the standard hardware and knobs. Choose the ones that will stand out in the whole décor, adding up the classy sophistication of your kitchen.

So, now as you know about how you can create a dreamlike stunning white kitchen, what are you waiting for? Rush to a store of discount kitchen cabinets and bring home the charm of white today.

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