Excellent Tips for Faster Household Cleaning

For many people, house cleaning may appear to be a daunting task and you may find yourself discouraged to begin cleaning each day. However if you follow a routine and some simple cleaning tips for everyday house cleaning, you may find it less time consuming and tiring than ever.

Everyday household cleaning would not let dirt and dust to accumulate in the form of an unmanageable mess. Cleaning your house each day is essential for a healthy living environment. Having a dust, dirt and bacteria free house would result in improved health.

Before you get started with cleaning task, check some simple cleaning tips that we have shared here.

Tips for Everyday House Cleaning

  1. It is best to create a cleaning checklist that would cater to all your house cleaning needs. Having this checklist in hand would make sure that you cover all aspects of cleaning without leaving anything. Having an everyday cleaning checklist to follow would make your task easier.
  2. Before you move your focus to deep cleaning, pre-clean all the clutter away from your house. Check each room and remove all the items that may be lying on your floor, bed or other furniture. Place them on their right place and clean away all the clutter.

3. Deal with one room at a time from top to down. Clean all the dust and dirt from top sides of ceilings of each rooms and then make your way down to furniture like tables, shelves etc. After dusting, vacuum or sweep the floor so that all the dust that your duster may not have picked will be removed. Usually you can expect guests in your living room or dining area. You may begin with general cleaning of these rooms. Pick up any items that may not belong to these rooms, dust and quickly clean with a canister vacuum. You may also sweep floor if needed. Vacuuming depends upon traffic that your living room/dining area witnesses.

4. Once you are done with these rooms, move to bedrooms. In bedroom first make your bed and place all items such as clothes, books etc. lying on your bed at their place. Remove trash and get your dressers straight. Check if bedroom needs dusting and vacuuming. Any dirty clothes lying in your bedroom may be taken straight to laundry area.

5. Kitchen area requires multiple cleaning chores. You need to do dishwashing, cleaning counter tops, wiping appliances along with floor cleaning. Clean away dishes daily along with counter top cleaning. Also stove and sink should be cleaned daily. Remove garbage on daily basis from kitchen. Do not leave leftovers lying in kitchen, get rid of them. Wherever you find spills, wipe them up immediately.

6. Bathroom should be cleaned daily. Trash must be emptied and you should wipe sink along with counter tops and mirrors. If you have a bathtub, clean it with a form cleanser. Wiping with a cleanser would keep your bathroom shiny clean at all times. Scrub the toilet properly. After using bathtub or shower, rinse the entire area with a cleanser.

7. Dirty clothes will pile up every day and will multiple. These would then become unmanageable. If possible do one load of cleaning once a day. As soon as you get them out of the dryer, fold and put them in your closets.

8. Whenever you feel the need, you may include some parts of weekly/monthly checklist in to daily cleaning such as washing floor, cleaning upholstery, shampooing carpets, furniture polishing and more. Also read about, iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

Instructions to Follow for Cleaner House

  • With a variety of cleaning agents available in market for specific needs, it is best to make use of multi-purpose cleaning agents wherever possible. Do not invest in buying individual cleaners for specific rooms, appliances and furnishings. Keep your cleaning kit simple and easy to use.
  • Do not clutter up everything to turn in to a complete mess. Doing this would make cleaning task difficult and time consuming. Keep things under control and avoid chances for them to become overwhelming. For example do not stack up or pile up dirty dishes. Whenever you get time, clean them up.
  • If you have heavy traffic areas in your house which is usually entrance or living area, vacuum floor easily every day with a good canister vacuum cleaner.
  • If anything spills over your floor, clean it as quick as possible.
  • Sweep kitchen floor and bathrooms regularly.
  • Move dirty clothes from your room to laundry after undressing.
  • Remove shoes before entering your house, it would help in avoiding all the outside dust and dirt to enter your house. It is best if each family member uses a clean slipper inside the house.

Setting Limits is Important

For a house with family, it is important that each member of the family follow rules. Limitations will eliminate mess that makes cleaning a hassle. A good example for setting restrictions could be that meals and taking snacks must be limited to dining area or kitchen. This would avoid food spills and mess around the house.Here are some attractive, clipping path service

For those with Pets

If you are a pet owner, you must keep your pet clean and groomed at all times. Give their hair a trim quite often so that they shed less hair around your house. Also keep your yard clean if your pet uses yard area. This would avoid the chance that they may carry outside dirt in the house. If you have multiple pets in the house, get one of the best canister vacuums for pet hair.

Keep your house organized

Half of your cleaning job is already done when your house is organized. Have trashcans placed in all the rooms strategically. Keep all your cleaning supplies in bathroom cabinet under the sink or in kitchen at one proper place. Have vacuum cleaner at an easy to reach place for ease in carrying out everyday household cleaning chores. All these supplies and appliances for cleaning must be stored at a convenient place.


These tips would not only reduce the amount of time that house cleaning may take but it would also give you ease and convenience of maintaining cleaning of your house. Follow these tips and keep your house free from all kind of allergens, bacteria, dust and dirt. Here more, Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

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