How to setup a coffee station in your kitchen

How to setup a coffee station in your kitchen

Taking the kitchen design into consideration, to setup a highly sophisticated coffee station with every ingredients and item within range of your hand is easy but you will need a guide not an architecture.

While everything at your hand, making the morning coffee fast will cheer up you from not being getting late to office or a school again. These small steps are easy to do and can make the coffee faster and will give you more leisure time while drinking it.

Decorating the kitchen with a nice coffee station depends upon you which will best suit you, but the important thing is having the station installed in that region where only coffee will be prepared.

The different stages of the coffee station setup and their importance will be discussed in this review which will help you to become less handy at time while making a coffee for your loved ones.

 1. Coffee Inventory :

Make a list of those items that are needed while making a perfect coffee. The list will help to have everything by your side when preparing the setup. Some coffee setups have a lot of instrument from coffee cups to grinder and ingredients while other setup have just necessary things.

The more items have you included in the list, the more space would be required in the kitchen for making the coffee. The item should be sperate from those required in cooking the food because you wouldn’t want a taste of coffee with dinner glimpse.

The normal list should contain Coffee machine, measuring spoons and small cups, Cup for the coffee, mixer or grinder, coffee ingredients (coffee, flavors) and tray. Find the spot in the kitchen where the machine would be near to electric switch as you won’t have to drag the machine around the table.

These are the basic and necessary item for the coffee setup and depending upon your company these items may be increased in number for serving. These items should be around the table so you don’t have to wondering around while the coffee is boiling the machine.

2. Install the Design :

Look for the design which fit your current kitchen style. If you want a different look for your coffee setup well that good for you. Normally the design should match the whole kitchen outlook so that it seems merged with cooking area.

If you are expert in doing these small setups or arrangement then its fine otherwise go for a professional with your own design. You will need a small separate desk nearer to electric connection and away from the stoves. The dimension of the desk should be large enough with placing the main item over it.

The desk should have 2 drawers one small and one large to store the monthly coffee ingredients. Do not leave the coffee material in their own bags but should keep them in glass jar.

Measuring spoon and coffee mugs or cup should be placed on a hanger near the edge of the desk against the wall or you can use the hanger pined into the wall but that would be out reach for people with small heights.

Make sure the Coffee machine plugging wire can easily reach the electric board on the wall to have the machine steady and stable.

3. Directional Item Placement :

Item placement is important for setup because if you have best designed coffee setup but the items are not placed in directional where it should be then you will be confused a lot easier.

Place the Coffee, flavors and sugar or milk powder in the glass jar in the first drawer of the desk which should be the 2nd step after boiling the water in the coffee machine. If there are kids in the house then you should prefer to have separate drawer over wall above the table, where the jar can be placed.

The next step is poring the ingredients with measuring spoons and these spoons should be placed with coffee mugs on the hanger or you can place them over the tray placed right across the coffee machine for serving.

4. Setup Cliché :

As you want a fine coffee setup because you are a coffee lover then the job is not yet done as there is no meaning to have such outstanding setup without being poetic. So far is nice, now you have to give your design a special look that how much it means to you to have this setup.

You can have nice painting over the setup related to coffee or nice quote like “less is more unless its coffee” gives you a nice touch to setup cliché. More you can have coffee mug with engraved coffee beans over it which make them clearer for used only in coffee.

This setup with your own design and has a poetic touch is just the thing that everyone wants while going in to kitchen.

Bottom-line :

Here the best setup leads to make it more loving and addictive with coffee setup. You can customize the design with your favorite colors and placement depending upon how you kitchen size and personal preferences. You can have a better setup then this if you have fortune to spend.

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