How To Transform Your Garage Into Home office

If you need a home office and you are short in space, you can convert your unused garage into a home office. You may need to fix a few things and set up your garage for converting it into a workable space. You are not required to make some substantial changes to your home, in order to set up a home office in your garage. It is a more convenient option than building adding a new Adobe to your home. They can serve a perfect space for the conversion as not many of us use garages anyway. You will be able to make an ideal workplace by decorating, designing, and creating a proper environment. Here are some few tips on transforming your garage into a home office:

  • Survey and clean the garage

Before beginning the big transformation, you need to clean the garage in a considerable manner. Mostly garages consist of unused and dumped material of home or for parking cars, so it will require deep cleaning. You can plan to invest on wooden floors and doors. Examine the whole garage and make a checklist of the things need to be fixed or altered for making a perfect workplace.

  • Make space

You may be required to clear out some extra items in order to make room for your home office. Garages are generally of many shapes and size single, double, and triple. You can do partition in the double and triple garage for making a separate place, for your home office and another for storing extra items. You will get the double benefit of this conversion, you will enjoy to create your own home office as well as getting rid of extra items from your garage.

  • Make it comfortable for working

It is very important to make sure garage space is comfortable enough to accommodate human beings. You need to insulate the walls and ceiling of the garage for making it more suitable for working. Garages are generally made of metal and metal intensifies both heat and cold. Insulate your walls depending on the location of your house. You need to make it comfortable for working since garages are not designed to be used as a living space.

  • Install a proper HVAC system

The process of making the working space comfortable also involves installing a proper HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. Make sure your garage is properly wired for controlling the temperature and if not buy portable air conditioners or heaters depending on the weather. If possible install wiring and proper HVAC system for durability and longevity of home office.

  • Paint the walls and ceiling

After insulating and installing air flow system, paint your office walls with soothing colors. Your garage walls and ceiling might be fairly dirty depending on the age of your home. Painting the walls will rejuvenate the interior of the metal garage. You might require to resurface the ceiling of the garage if it was installed long ago. In order to remodel your garage into your home office, you may also require to paint the concrete floor.

  • Light it up

One of the problematic aspect during conversion is making sure space has enough light. Generally, garages don’t have windows in it. You might need to make windows for proper lighting and ventilation. In lieu of natural lighting, make sure to install proper lights and lamps around the whole office. In order to make your home office look more bright paint the walls with lighter colors.

  • Design your space

You can purchase relevant furniture for your home office that is how you will get a great opportunity to design your own space. Play with little colors mix and match furniture of soothing colors complementing the color of the walls. Give little and eye-catchy touches to the interior by installing rugs, picture frames, and cushions.


Follow these tips to make your own office space retrofitting the old and unused garage. Consider the metal garage as a blank canvas and start to paint by installing everything that you need to transform it into your new home office.

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