How to Use A Body Pillow for A Sound Night’s Sleep?

I am 12 weeks pregnant with a history of migraine. Recently, I am finding it hard to fall asleep according to my usual schedule. All night I am either awake due to a massive head or distressed body. What should I do? I have tried everything from herbal tea to essential oils. Is there any way to get some sound sleep?

Various factors contribute to disturbed sleep patterns and insomnia in individuals, such as physical pain caused due to injury, pregnancy, migraine, restlessness, stress, muscle strain, etc. Having a comfortable mattress and soft bedding has always been our go-to solution for achieving a good night’s sleep. While that is still true, sometimes, a beautiful body pillow can enhance the depth and soundness of one’s sleep patterns. It supports the full body and provides enough backing to the neck, back, hips, and abdomen. 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of a body pillow. These features of a body pillow can improve the sleep patterns and keep you refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

Understanding the Purpose of a Body Pillow

A body pillow is a narrow, long pillow which lies alongside your body, giving you full support. From the torso to the legs, the pillow offers comfort to your entire body. Just cradle the body pillow below your head and neck. It will rest against your body, giving support to your knees, hips, chest, etc. You can pull up one leg over the pillow to get a more relaxed posture.

For women who are pregnant, the body pillow can offer support to the head, neck, abdomen, and the baby. During the night, it helps you maintain a relaxed sleeping position.

Some individuals suffer from severe heartburn, which means that they can benefit a lot from thebody pillow. It is a known fact that elevating the upper part of your body can help you achieve a sound night’s sleep. However, you should sleep on the left side as that is where the heart is, which will help decrease acid reflux.

Benefits Related to A Body Pillow

1.     Relaxation

It is well known that good sleep enhances and facilitates the proper functioning of our body.

When we are sleeping, our mind may be in an unconscious state, but the heart and lungs are working. While the heart is pumping blood, lungs help us breathe and circulate oxygen in the body. Sleeping in the faulty position only means that these activities of our body are hampered, which can cause headaches and drowsiness the next day.

Utilizing a body pillow at night helps our body maintain the posture, which regulates heart and lung function. When these two functions of the body are executed correctly during the night, we get good, sound sleep. Our whole body can relax as the circulation is proper.

2.     Support

Did you know that 12% of people have sleep-related issues such as sleep disorders or insomnia?

Body relaxation or a good night’s sleep largely depends on the limbs. A posture may be comfortable for sleep but not so much for the limbs and muscles. You may wake up with muscle pain such as back, neck, shoulder, or overall bodily discomfort.

A body pillow helps you adjust your posture in a proper and comfortable manner. You can put your knee on the pillow, which helps adjust the limbs and spine in the right posture. This gives relief to the lower back, neck, head, and abdomen. 

3.     Reduced Snoring

Snoring is again closely related to the circulation of air in your body. Individuals tend to snore when the air in their body can’t move freely, which leads to vibrations in the surrounding tissues. The sound of this vibration leads to snoring.

As already discussed, the body pillow elevates air circulation with the right body posture and proper functioning of the internal organs at night. This reduces snoring, which helps everyone else sleeping in the vicinity get a good night’s sleep as well. 

4.     Stress Reduction

The research shows that hugging assists our body release the oxytocin hormone that relaxes the body calms our nervous system, and reduces stress. Now, look at this information concerning how the temperature of our body tends to decrease by two degrees during the deep sleep cycle.

Simply holding the pillow during the night allows our mind to relax, body to de-stress, and heart rate to reduce. Combined, these things reduce the body temperature and assist the body to enter deep sleep mode.

5.     Pregnancy Support

Unfortunately, 60% of females have sleep-related problems when they are pregnant. This is because, at night, proper posture, sleeping environment, and relaxation are required. With too much tension in mind, the wrong posture and uncomfortable sleeping conditions add to the discomfort. This trigger sleep issues.

With a body pillow, your lower stomach, legs, and back get support from the pillow. You can balance your belly or abdomen accordingly across the body pillow for better sleep.

Fills Available in A Body Pillow

Considering the benefits of a body pillow, it is natural for people to decide to buy one when they face sleep issues. However, the quality of the body pillow is also equally important. Hence, we have listed below the organic materials that are ideal for a body pillow.

  • Organic Latex
  • Organic latex and wool blend
  • Organic Wool
  • Organic kapok


It is imperative to help relax the muscles, mind, and spine to have a sound sleep at night. The circulation of oxygen from the lungs and pumping of blood from the heart should stay in coordination with the natural cycle to help us sleep comfortably. A body pillow enhances relaxation in every way, which is why it helps people get restful sleep. When you wake up the next morning, since your body has had proper rest, you will have a bright day ahead.

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