Rubbing Alcohol Cleaning Ideas You Must Know

Rubbing alcohol is not just meant to be in the first-aid box. It can be helpful for so many cleaning tasks.

So you have rubbing alcohol? You must be wondering what it has to do with cleaning. You normally find it in the first aid kit. Yes, you’re right but it has so many great cleaning uses as well. So here’re the 5-ways that you can clean with inexpensive and readily available rubbing alcohol. Let’s dive in;

Some Quick Uses

Rubbing alcohol has some interesting cleaning properties. First of all, it’s the disinfectants so it’ll kill bacteria usually in contact. You need to wipe it, give it a couple of minutes to dry and then the bacteria will be gone.

It can also be used in case you need something to dry quickly or reduce streaking. Perhaps that’s why people mix this into cleaning recipes to help reduce streaking. Also, it can lift up grease & dirt. But make sure you keep it away from a flame. Yes, it’s flammable.

DIY Disinfectant

There is a good amount of bacteria that you want to get rid of as soon as possible. And that’s the time when a DIY disinfectant comes in handy. You can make one by mixing rubbing alcohol and water. So grab a spray bottle – add 1 cup water and 1 cup rubbing alcohol.

If you want to up the anti-bacterial properties, you can add 20-30 drops of powerful essential oil, and that’ll make it a powerful cleaner. Then, spray it on the affected surface, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it & move on. Best Vacuum Cleaners

Horizontal and Vertical Blinds

In case you have the horizontal/vertical blinds at home, rubbing alcohol can help you clean them quickly. Over time, blinds get filled with dust and dirt. So here’s a quick fix for that. Just put clean rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and get yourself an old sports socks.

Flip it inside out, stick your hand in, then flip the blinds over to one side to the lay flat, give it a good spray with rubbing alcohol, take that sock, wrap it around the slack and gently pull it to the side. The rubbing alcohol will help loosen up the dirt as well as dust, and it makes light work of cleaning.

Electronics Cleaner

If your cellphone gets a bit grimy, you need to give it a good cleaning. It’s essential to clean it right away not only to get that grimy stuff up but also the bacteria that hangs out on it. So mix the equal parts of water & rubbing alcohol that’s just a quick electronics cleaner slash disinfectant and spray it on to a flat we’ve microfiber cloth. Then, remove the case and give your phone a good wipe out.

You can do the S. pattern from top to bottom and then flip the phone over. In case the phone-case needs cleaning – which it inevitably does – do the same to your phone case as well. As per the experts of the leading cleaning companies in UAE, it’ll help lift up any dirt or discoloration as well.

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