Top 8 Ideas – How to decorate student room

Your student dorm room is your home for the best three-four years of your college or university. To make it feel homely, comfortable and more like you, decorate it with as per your liking. Most dorm rooms walls are painted white with nil decoration giving you the opportunity to furnish it and do some interior designing.

Don’t let this opportunity to go waste it will relax you. Also, it will help you get familiar with that little space you will now call home.

As a student, you can’t afford to go overboard with your room décor that is why I will discuss some room décor ideas that are doable, within budget and will make your room.

Let’s look at some great yet affordable ideas

1.         Add fairy lights

A string of fairy lights can lighten up your dorm room. It can also an amazing and creative idea for hanging your photos from home and cherish those moments forever.

2.         Color schemes

If you are allowed to change the color of your dorm walls, it is one hell of a way to decorate your room.  Whether you love neutrals or bright colors, make sure the paint is of good quality but in a budget. For that, check out malls or stores for discount or coupons.

3.         Make a customized bookshelf

If the dorm has a simple looking bookshelf, get creative, and add some photos or lights to it. If there is no bookshelf, you can make a customized one yourself using an item like a ladder or some empty boxes.

Check out this Instagram to see how to make a bookshelf out of a ladder.

4.         Bed risers

Dorm rooms have little space, to ensure that you get more space in your room, you can use bed risers. They take little space, and also come with USB port or outlets that can help you use laptop lying down.

If your bed is a little higher, it gives you space to store other things under the bed.

5.         Use dividers to make your drawer look more organized

There are a lot of ways to use your drawer space to make it look organized and keep the clutter out of sight. One such way is dividing the drawer. Here is how you can organize your drawers:

  • Fit multi-sectioned inserts into the drawers and them compartmentalize your items according to their use and need.
  • You can insert store-bought divisions in the drawer for fitting your clothing and so on.
  • You can even make your own divisions by using some cardboard and cutting them into the size you want.

These are just some ways; there are numerous ways to organize your drawers.

6.         Personalized lampshade

You can personalize your lamp shade by poking holes in it, and making different patterns. After that when you will turn on the lights, it will make patterns on the walls or on the roof.

Do this only if the lamp is yours otherwise, you will have to give a hefty fee.

7.         Personalized wallpaper

Don’t be scared, it is quite easy. You can decorate the wall by making a wallpaper that is temporarily using fabric sheets and liquid scratch. See how you can do it here.

You can even write quotes or words from your favorite page on the wall to give it a unique touch.

Or you can paint a little something like your family tree. Be sure to ask permission to do all this in your dorm room. You can also create poster to hang it on the wall and feel motivated.

8.         Get unique cushions

You can get unique cushions with slogans from popular movies to spruce up your room.

I hope you find these points doable and affordable. Your dorm is your own little space, make it count.

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