Water is essential, and so are water purifiers!

Water is something which is a basic need for every living thing on this planet. We human beings are now developing some technologies which are there to purify the water which is getting polluted. So these water purifiers are also becoming a must in every household. If you are also going to get a water purifier then this is the right page on which you have landed. Here have a full knowledge of all the types of water purifiers which will help you in having a safe and healthy drinking water.

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First, we will get to know what is a water purifier and how does it work?

In the Indian market, there are various types of water purifiers. They are majorly classified on the combination of their purification processes. Some of the techniques which are used in water purification are listed below:

  • RO (Reverse Osmosis)
  • UF (Ultra Filtration) or Gravity purification
  • UV (Ultra Violet) Purification

The water purifiers at home remove the impurity from the drinking water by working on the combinations of these techniques. They can also use the multistage purification processes of RO+UF, RO+UF+UV or RO +UV+UF+TDS Controller, which provide safe and pure drinking water.

Now how to choose from RO+UF, RO+UF+UV or RO+UF+UV+TDS Controller technologies? One should always choose the type of purifier after getting the drinking water tested. The water quality depends on area to area. So in order to have the best technology at home, one should consider the test. For example, if your home is near any chemical plant, the drinking water may be prone to harmful chemical present in the industry. So it is better to get knowledge about the quality of the water. Along with these some other points which are needed to be taken care of should include:

  • Storage Capacity

It is one of the main points to be noticed while buying a purifier. The storage capacity should be according to your need. Like if in your area, there is an electricity problem, you will need a bigger storage purifier. There are some automated water purifiers which start the purification process as soon as there is a decline in the water level in the purifiers.

  • Certifications

Another thing to be kept in mind is the certification of the purifer. There are certain agencies like which provide certification. Always buy the purifiers which have been certified by the top quality certifications like NSF, WQA, ISI, and CE.

  • Maintenance and After Sales Services

After installing the purifier, you may sometimes need assistance for the maintenance. Checking on the customer services provided by them would be advised.  Just in case, if you are using Kent purifiers  kent ro online complaint will be within your reach and you can also your problems solved here.

We get water from different sources like borewell, tap water, and municipal supply water. That water is made safe for drinking purpose by these water filters. Above are some of the main points which are to be considered while buying the product. With increasing pollution, one cannot take any risk with the health of himself and his family. Choose Healthy.

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