Ways To Keep Basement Safe And Dry

No one enjoys the unexpected issues raises in the basement but they are common. When heavy rainwater falls then basement is totally under risk of flooding. If your basement is flooded don’t over-analyze at that time. It is not a tough task to maintain it properly. You just have to follow some tips to maintain it during basement floods.

1. Install Sump Pumps :

Flooding is another major reason from which basements should be protected. The best option to totally remove out the risk of flooding is the installation of the sump pump. It eliminates the excess water from your basement. In addition to it, battery backup sump pump system is also installed with it.

If your basement has a Best Sump Pump that works properly then your basement is safe but it is not beneficial if it does not have a battery backup. As you know during rain or floods power goes out.

So, in those cases, your basement has more necessity of sump pumps. If your sump pump is not connected with battery backup than what you have to at that time.

So, in order to confront these situations must connect your sump pump with the battery backup system. It works not only during a power outage but also when the primary pump fails it work properly.

Besides this, it also reduces the humidity level from the basement. It helps to purify the air. Additionally, a low level of humidity means less risk of molds and mildew. As a result, no more maladies enter into your basement.

2. Solve the water issues :

While working in the basement be sure that your basement is free from any type of water issue.

Water issues can cause dampness in the basement that is a major concern. However, you can easily control it with a humidifier. Additionally, if your home’s foundation and the basement is damp-proofing then dampness could not effect on it.

Apart from this, if your basement is located nearly wet areas or rainy areas also if your basement walls have any water pressure then dampness for your basement is more episodic.

So, in this case, you have a worry and to save basement from dampness become the first priority for you.

So, if you are looking for long-term solutions then the best option is to install a drainage system under your concrete slab. This is a little bit expensive but a long-term solution. After that, you don’t have to worry about dampness.

3. Choose inorganic material :

 One another key factor for the longevity of your basement beside the sump pumps is to choosing those materials which can handle moisture easily. So, in this case if you opt for the inorganic material rather than the organic material that will prove beneficial for you.

If basement flooring is includes organic material than water will effect on it adversely. Owing to which it increases the growth of molds.

Then, these release dusty odors into the air which have a devastating effect on the health. It will give rise to various adverse maladies.

On the other side, if you only use inorganic material than water will not effects your basement. Then your floor, walls, ceiling everything will be out of danger. Your basement is totally safe and secure from the danger of molds, mildew and other micro-organisms that are very dangerous not only for health but also for home.

4. Use radiant panels :

If you want to add warmth to your basement then you can utilize the power of radiant panels. It benefits you in a double way as it not only makes your basement alluring and stylish but also keeps it warm.

 It makes your basement more comfortable space and it not more remain cold and unattractive. In this way, the value of your basement also enhances.

Apart from it, if in future you have to expand the living space in your home then you can save your money with the utilization of radiant panels on overall heating. In this way, you can warm your home from bottom to top.

 5. Use decorative concrete :

In the majority of the basements, floors are made of cement. As you know the grey color cement looks unattractive and boring. So, to solve this problem use some creative, alluring, decorative concrete to make it attractive.

If you have concrete slab floors than you can easily install radiant heating in a cable form. It provides more flexibility. In addition to this, you can also install other concrete floors which will warm your basement.

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