Why Using Social Wall for Office Reception Is A Great Idea?

When you run an office, keeping the whole team well connected and communicated at all times, managing what’s everyone has been doing, keeping up the team spirit & zeal, and also tracking and showing your competitors strategy to your employees at all times doesn’t come easy.

Maintaining a social media friendly office is no easy task either. A social wall helps you a long way in this direction.

This article throws light on the reasons which make a social wall an ideal fit for office receptions and lobbies.

Come, let’s have a look.

  1. First Impression Matters

Social Wall can be a beautiful addition to your office indoors. Then, why not flaunt it! When you install a social wall displaying your brand stories, user experience, feedback, and reviews then you are simply showcasing it to the first-time visitors, clients, and guests. It leaves an impressive and a long-lasting first impression.

  • Multipurpose Application Areas

Social walls are not just limited to your office receptions. They can be installed in various office spots like lobbies, break room, conference rooms, around the walls of employees desk areas, game rooms, elevator banks, etc. Social Walls are fun and new way to inzest zeal and energy, bring excitement and creativity into your company’s workplace.

  • Helps You Build Culture And Branding

Social Walls in office indoors are actually the ambassador and carrier of your brand culture and image. The social wall can be customized according to the look and feel of your brand image and theme. It could be set and designed in accordance to the color and objectives of the rooms in which the social wall is installed.

You can add social media photo galleries of team events to keep the positive vibe flowing. Celebrate the diversity and energy of your team through the digital social wall.

  • Extra-Cirricular Activities

Your social wall could always be “The Wall Of Surprises And Wishes”. You could wish your employees on their birthdays, work anniversaries, and achievements(big or small).

You could display greeting messages, photo collages,and moments of employees’ journey so far.  In fact, the social wall could display custom posts of particular employees whose birthday or work anniversary it is.

You could always ask your other employees to tweet or post images and messages on social media wishing the team member. You could even celebrate Company’s important dates and achievements by displaying it on the social wall through social media posts.

The employees and the team members will always appreciate that you took an extra effort to show that you care.

  • Company News

The traditional methods of making Company announcements and notifications through bulletin boards and pamplets are long gone. Social Walls successfully replace the boring notice boards.

You could always fetch RSS feeds from news websites and other sources and display it to your employees. You could also directly pull your website’s blog by directly inputting the blog’s URL.

You can always keep your teammates connected to your company’s social media profiles by keeping them aware of your company’s real-time social media posts.

  • Idea Walls

You can always dedicate one of your social media walls as your “Idea Wall” where every team member can share their ideas and inspirations. A unique hashtag can be devoted for that particular social wall.

Whenever someone wants to share a unique idea or inspiration or a cool image or video with the whole team, they could simply share it on the preferred social media platform along with the devoted hashtag.

  • Awards & Appreciations

Appreciations should always be done publicly. What better than a social wall for that purpose? 

When your clients and guests are waiting in the lobby or at the reception, displaying the achievements of your employees is a great use of opportunity to show how hardworking your team is.

Displaying the awards that employees receive during company events and their achievements overall while working for your company, helps to encourage them to work much harder and strive for perfection.

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  • Customer Feedback

You could always use your social wall to display customer feedback about your services and products to your employees. This helps them to provide with the pivotal information to better your customer service and product delivery.

Your social wall can display real-time customer reviews allowing your employees to collectively deal and tackle the issues that come up on the social wall. This helps you improve your backend support to your users.

Real-time customer reviews help set them achievable targets. Also, positive reviews help to boost the morale of your team.

  • Industry News  

Your company may relate to any industry- be it sports, be it finance or be it technology or be it any other. You could always display relevant, trending, and important news related to your industry fetched through multiple social media platforms, multimedia sources, and blogs.

This helps your team to stay updated with the latest trends of your industry and thus make important amends to your business strategy.

Over To You

Social Walls are an incredible addition to your office indoors. It helps to boost the overall work culture at your office.

Also, it is so easy-to-use and so easy to install. You could even turn your TV into a social wall. Isn’t that amazing!

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